Learn Re-Frame
and ClojureScript

With this course you have everything what you need
to master frontend development with ClojureScript and Re-Frame.


Why ClojureScript & Re-Frame?

Re-Frame is build on top of ClojureScript which is unusually expressive,
so that you can briefly and clearly write your code.

ClojureScript + Reagent + Re-Frame

Counter example in ClojureScript

JavaScript + React + Redux

Counter example in JavaScript

Synergy effect.

You believe Facebook did something magnificent when it created React, and you are curious about the further implications. Is the combination of reactive programming, functional programming and immutable data going to completely change everything? And, if so, what would that look like in a language that embraces those paradigms?

Attribution: Re-Frame repo.

ClojureScript loves React

Used by companies around the world.

Re-frame was released in early 2015, and has since been successfully used by quite a few companies and individuals to build complex apps, many running beyond 40K lines of ClojureScript.

Credit Suisse

Buzzword compliant.

It has everything what you would need plus a t-shirt (check re-frame repo for details) ideal for conferences (in design). What could possibly go wrong?

Attribution: Re-Frame repo.

Re-Frame t-shirt
  • Reactivity

  • Unidirectional data flow

  • Pristinely pure functions

  • Interceptors

  • Coeffects

  • Conveyor belts

  • Statechart-friendliness (FSM)

  • Immaculate hammock conception


What are we building?

We are building AirBnB for chefs. It includes CRUD operations and idiomatic code. We'll cover all of these concepts:

  • Application state — app-db

  • Effects — db & fx

  • Subscriptions

  • Interceptors

  • Coeffects

  • Routing

  • Re-frame-http-fx

  • Re-frame-10x

Best practice

The code has been reviewed by these fine folks, so that you will learn idiomatic Clojure.


Everything what you need to master web development with Re-Frame.


  • Events + Subs + Interceptors

  • Routing + Tooling

  • re-frame-10x + http-fx

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What are people saying about the course.

Marc Jeanson

Learning a lot about Reagent and re-frame with these courses: https://www.learnreagent.com https://www.learnreframe.com Would highly recommend them!

Plamen S.

… I bought both courses - Reagent and Re-frame. I like very much the way you present the topics - it helps me a lot get quickly into speed. Thank you very much for putting the effort in them!


Peter Wen

Jacek Schae's courses are simply the best out there for learning reagent, and now re-frame. They are concise, and dense with information. I appreciate the way he builds up the app, but takes valuable asides to explain intricacies when they are important. As a programmer new to ClojureScript, I also like that he uses Atom and modern tools/frameworks like shadow-cljs and smooth-ui. I've watched his lessons several times, and they have become part of the foundation of my ClojureScript learning.



Thanks for the high-quality content, @jacekschae! Also want to mentioned that I got your Learn Re-frame course, which I’ve been really happy with. You go through the material thourougly, which was just what I needed. I’ve been fiddling with Figwheel and browser REPLs for some time myself, and your course really helped provide context and give a structured, practical entry into the ClojureScript ecosystem.

Piotr Roterski

… your learn re-frame course - coming from JS world, for me it was a great intro into clojurescript - I’ve loved it! 😊. … Thank you once again for the reply and for the awesome content you create! Clojure is an awesome stack but it's difficult for beginners - you just make it easier and more accessible - big props 🏅



Hi so I finished the course, thanks a lot. I wish this existed 4 years ago when I did my first attempt to get into clojure.Reagent the structure really worked well of doing mistake and fixing it later.

clojurians slack

F. M.

Hey I just finished your re-frame course, Jacek. Thank you so much for preparing me for my project. I like your style. You were able to answer most questions that came up during the videos. Great anticipation of what needs to be clarified.

direct message

Frequently asked questions

What will I learn?

The focus is on ClojureScript and Re-Frame. We'll not touch any CSS; even thought we'll use styled components, nor create any endpoints, everything is taken care of.

The frontend is re-frame, what is the backend?

The backed is a separate course - Learn Reitit. You can buy the Full Stack bundle and take advantage of promotional price.

Are these course right for my skill level?

You should understand Reagent, list comprehension, destructuring, and threading macros. All of these concepts are explained in detail in Learn Reagent Pro course. There is also a bundle if you would like to get two of them.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unsatisfied with the course?

Take a look at some free episodes of learn re-frame free. The pro version is a continuation of the free course. That said, if after watching a couple of first videos of pro course you are unsatisfied, get in touch—we are able to provide a full refund.

Can I buy this as a subscription?

Sort of ... it's better than a regular subscription. We have an option to spread the payments over multiple months and it will cancel automatically when you pay the whole amount. No more "forgotten" subscriptions on your credit card.

Does this course support Open Source?

Absolutely! Just as the Reagent course did. By buying this course you are supporting Open Source Projects. 10% of profits will be transferred to Clojurists Together to fund critical Clojure and ClojureScript open source projects.

Is it best practice?

Yes! The content of the course has been reviewed by experts: Juho Teperi (GitHub · Twitter), Thomas Heller (GitHub · Twitter), Daniel Compton (GitHub · Twitter), and creator of re-frame Mike Thompson (GitHub · Twitter).

Who am I?

Hello, I'm Jacek (GitHub | Twitter) software developer based in Switzerland.

Author of Learn Reagent and Learn Reitit. Host of ClojureScript Podcast.